USG Staffing prides it self with delivering effectual, flexible healthcare staffing solutions so you never sacrifice your high-level of patient care. We have the resources and services to provide highly qualified healthcare professionals for the duration that you need them. From travel nursing to per diem, and permanent placement. This is the advantage your healthcare organization needs to achieve cost-effective temporary staffing solutions without over staffing or overspending.

What We Offer:

Direct hire placements
 1099 to W-2 conversions
 Contract staffing
 Pay rolling services
 Contract-to-direct conversions
 Retiree re-staffing

Advantages of Contract Staffing
Reduce Employment Costs
 No workers’ compensation exposure or claims
 No employee benefits costs for medical, dental, vision, life, and 401(k)
 No added expense for holidays, vacations, sick time, etc.
 No administrative costs for hiring and on boarding
 No administrative costs for payroll withholding's, filings, etc.
 Minimized risk of IRS and state audits due to worker misclassification


Staffing Flexibility
 Match staffing levels to project requirements
 Quick hiring process vs. lengthy direct placement
 Terminate the contract placement at any time
 Add resources through a purchase order versus capital budget

Sole-Source Staffing Ability
 Decrease the number of staffing/recruiting vendors
 Simplify invoice payment processing
 One-stop shopping for your staffing needs

Temp-to-Direct Conversions (Try Before You Buy)
 Interview and assess during the contract period
 Evaluate how the candidate fits your corporate culture

Maintain Budget Controls
 Accelerate the pace at which projects reach completion
 Secure labor needed for projects
 Eliminate unnecessary overhead


USG Staffing is also the integrated partner your organization needs for complete healthcare staffing workforce solutions. We work to develop and deliver a strategic staffing plan that puts you in more competitive standing. We assist our healthcare facilities with one-on-one guidance and provide your organization with an opportunity for savings by taking on many of the burdensome, time-consuming tasks that are currently handled by members of management. We are well positioned to produce a plan that is agile enough to meet the varying needs of your organization. We can sustain any new development in today's complex marketplace and can deliver result even under the most strained circumstances.

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